Can IGEL finally build exFAT support into IGEL OS

Does this mean IGEL can finally build exFAT support into IGEL OS?

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From my point of view it’ll work when we use kernel 5.4, where exfat is integrated. Before it has to be added. See

Might be @member but I can’t say when… Atm we are using 4.19.65

Would be very much appreciated. We are dealing quite often with students and teachers complaining about their non- working private USB drives. Explaining them they have to reformat their drives isn’t very good for the reception and acceptance of IGEL endpoints.

I would switch the whole world to EXT4, then all troubles would be gone away (at least from my very personal POV 😁) but I got your thing, Filesystem compatibility is a pain for all of us… 👍

No Btrfs @member? 😋

Valid point @member 😄

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