Can IGEL Windows 10 IoT devices support local printing from wifi printers?

Hi folks, got a question. My healthcare company is in the need to purchase several mobile thin clients and a wireless printer to support our COVID-19 testing site. We really do not want to have to purchase Windows 10 IoT clients and would prefer to stick with IGEL. The printer is an HP OfficeJet 200.

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1. Can IGEL support that?

2. If so, does anyone have documentation to enable that?

So, you want to know if the Printer is supported or how you can achieve that in general?

Wireless = Wi-Fi or something else?

Also, are you trying to get it into a VDI session, or just local printing?

Citrix environment, Wi-Fi, same local subnet. I saw the list of HP drivers on the Devices=>Printer=>CUPS, but it didn’t have this specific model. Wondering if anyone out there has experience or recommendations with this. Thanks!

Are you wanting to have the printer be a local client printer that gets passed to the citrix session or add the printer to a print server and map into the citrix session from there?

Hi, local printing support for your OfficeJet 200 will only be integrated into 11.04.100. However you could try to choose instead OfficeJet 150 Mobile in the setup. At least the OfficeJet 150 shares the printing protocol HP PCL3 GUI with your 200 model, so chances are it also works here.

Also if you want to use Universal Printing from Citrix sessions, please make sure you have the special universal driver installed (in the VDI) that is needed for printing from Citrix sessions on linux or mac devices. How to get it see here:


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