Can Wake on LAN proxies reboot IGEL OS devices on a schedule?

Is there a way to have wake on lan proxies reboot on a schedule?

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I tested it on 5.08.120 and 10.04.100 and.. well… it worked like a charm. Which kind of firmware / UMS are you using?

UMS 5.08.100

build 35192


After some further research, I found the devices have been rebooting, they just didn’t get the updated profiles when they rebooted.

Make Sure there is no Firewall avoiding getting the Updated Configuration. Test locally from this client in the console with “probeport IGEL-SERVER-IP 30001”

If we remove them as proxies and reboot, they get their profiles. At least with the two we have.

I will put them back as proxies and monitor them


Sound like it shouldn behave like this.

Could you open a support ticket about this topic? Then our Support can check this

Support ticket is mandatory, thanks @member . You could try to open a terminal on endpoint side, and give get_rmsettings a try to see if the device is able to manually ask for new settings.

I always go to the communities of the software we run before opening tickets. Usually get a much faster response if it is a known issue. We will open a ticket if we are able to reproduce the issue.

You are right, that‘s our goal👍Sometimes it helps to get the issue recognized faster. Did the command help?

we had already removed them as proxies and rebooted

I will try and recreate it

but not tonight

Good idea, working during the night is a 50/50 chance between success and absolute desaster (I love backups).

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