Can we add a rule for Jabra-USB-headsets in “Native USB Redirection”?


I really appreciate this useful guide which allows us to use Microsoft Teams in Citrix with great performance 🙂

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The Jabra USB Headsets work fine in MS Teams with HDX Optimization, but there is no sound with USB Headset when a soundfile, video e.g. youtube-video is opened in Citrix Desktop. Then it only works with internal audio of the device. Compared with Windows fatclients audio in Teams, youtube, soundfiles are working in our Citrix environment with USB headsets.

Can we add a rule for Jabra-USB-headsets in “Native USB Redirection” or how can we configure this in UMS?

Hello Christian, glad that you found it useful! Well, you could set a priorization locally, if that helps. I wouldn’t use Native USB Redirection AT ALL in this case 😄

Default sound Output:

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