Can we create a partition and share it to a Citrix like a drive on IGEL OS?

HI Can we create a partition and share it to citrix like a drive ?

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Hi, yes! It’s called custom Partition:

but you need a EMP Subscription for this usage, then just use the Mapping function from Citrix:

Tried it in my lab and it worked but I followed this Citrix guide:

Thanks Sebastien i’m going to test that

what kind of windows do you have in your lab since we use Windows 2016 and I can’t find Cdmprov.dll.

and we use Igel os 11.02.130

with citrix 7.15cu3

dont work for me

Sorry, was off for a few days… Citrix 1906, 11.02.250

ok is working now i map a network drive in smbmount.

Now my question is possible to map the network drive without user and password only with passthrough

You mean, you are mapping a Samba Share from the endpoint => Share, right?


Could you open a terminal (Accessories, Terminal, +), login, and issue

mount -t cifs // -o user=,password= /smbmount

Does that work?

no i got mount error 13 permission denied is if put my user nad password is work well

but we need with passthrough

You could play with the auth methods located under: System, Registry, network.smbmount0.security_mode

Cannot check by myself atm. staying at the airport.

i try but no works is working only with user and password

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