Can we delete some files on our IGEL UMS server since storage is getting low?

Hello, i wanted to delete some files on our UMS server since storage is getting small, and found the following folder. Is there a reason why this is so big? Can i delete these files, or are they important for ums?

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Hello Ian, the only please where I would delete files is ums_filetransfer

The RMDB is you central IGEL UMS DB files, they have to stay (unless you migrate to an external SQL Server).

Ah ok, thank you @member!

Ah, another question @member, can i delete files from rmguiserverlogs? We have an administrative task that should delete anything in that folder older than 14 days, but we still have files from 2019 in there.

Usually, the Log files are rotated and cleaned up automatically (without the need to delete manually). The AdminTasks you are referring to, are tasks executed on the DB Level (which makes sense too).

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