Can we export all licenses from ILP as CSV?

Hey all: Is there a way we can Export, like to a CSV, all the information showing on our “Product Packs” page, in the IGEL Licensing Portal? (You know, all the various Product Pack types, ID’s, etc.)

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Hey Greg, would that work?

This might work and I’ll check it out… To be clear, tho, what I’m hoping to find is a way to export the List of Product Packs, Amount Used, Type, Expiration Date, etc… All the Data showing in that “Product Packs” screen in the ILP… Not really a List of Devices per Product Pack (which would be cool, but not what I’m trying to find…)

Actually, there was a minimal enough amount of Data on that screen that I just went Low-Tech and created an Excel chart by hand. Only took me about 10 minutes and now we have our License data captured.

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