Can we install IGEL OS on LG 34CN65?

Hi Community.

I have a silly question: We bought the LG 34CN65 with IGEL OS already installed. Now our supplier has a delivery time to over 4months! i was wondering if i can buy the same model (would be avaliable) and install the igel OS on it. has anyone had any experience with this?

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Of course you can. Install OSC IGEL OS11 or OS12 on a new device and work. 😉

thought so, just wanted to be 100% sure before ordering 30 new devices ^^

You can download installation utility from:

OS11 > OS Creator (former..):

Software Downloads – Workspace Edition

OS12 > OS Creator (Deployment…):

Software Downloads – COSMOS

Remember that you will need IGEL licenses

nice input. almost forgot about them ^^

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