Can we install the IGEL OS for Arm (Raspberry Pi) on any Raspberry Pi device?

Hi everyone,

I hope you’re all well. I have a question regarding the IGEL OS and Raspberry Pies . My manager has taken an interest in the work being done with getting IGEL ARM-ready and the work that is being carried out with nComputing to have an endpoint to do this. Our question is, can we simply pick up a Raspberry Pi 4 off the shelf and load IGEL on it?

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Cheers in advance 👍

Hi Anthony, the NComputing device is the only supported device based on the Pi. It has all the required certifications, thermal management and power buttons a standard Pi is missing to make it a Thin Client. Though The IGEL OS might run on another Pi it would not be supported.

Hi Anthony, yes! Hope you as well!

The short answer is no, from a legal and licensing perspective. The only solution that is supported, is to buy an RX420 from <!subteam^S01N78YN5QE|@ncomputing>

huh, was not aware of this… really? why would i make the change to ARM then in the first place?

Cheers 👍

@member you mean, instead of using an x86 device?

Yes, exactly.

Well, the first reasons that come to my mind (without saying, they are valid for everyone):

• Form factor

• Ease to to replace (mounting)

• Worldwide availability and certification (instead of other vendors)

• Smaller Firmware Footprint

Hi Falk. I agree with Sebastien, and also I would like to add two key factors: It is complete compatible with all IGEL devices, this is just another option you have to deploy simultaneously with other Igel Devices and managed all together with UMS. The second one should be the price, even cheaper than the UD2 and same performance. Thanks for your feedback!

Not sure about that being unique selling points that justify the extra effort. Igel changed it’s ways to become hardware independent and kind of goes back to hardware locked here.

Is there someone out in the IC who wants to buy them, and if yes: why?

For us, it is going to come down to price. If the hardware is much cheaper than traditional computing devices (UD2, etc), we will move to ARM

Selling point — SUPPORT!

NComputing’s ARM device is one of the most rigorously tested and validated solutions on the market, that’s why IGEL partnered with them. NComputing also implement a variable speed fan and on/off switch which sets their RPI4 ARM-64 implementations apart from the competition.

NComputing has obtained the following commercial certifications for RX420 thin client to support worldwide shipment:

• FCC & CE for EMC & RF (required for US & EU region)

• VCCI for RF (required for Japan region)

• CB for Safety (required for US and EU region)

• BIS certification in progress (required for India region)

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