Can we prepoulate configurations for the UMS Console?

Hello All! Is it possible to auto populate the server address & port # on the UMS console login. I rolled the UMS out to some managers and want them to test logging in, but I dont want to have to have them type the server address and port #.

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I assume this can be changed via something in the config file? or within the UMS?

Thank you!

Hello Cole,

you mean for the Universal Management Suite Java console? Could this help?

Yes exactly. is there a reg key in there for the server address as well? I can’t seem to find what it’s labeled as

I see the rmadmin and rmseverconfig but dont see a consoleconfig

Should be

I dont have a consoleconfig as an option

Did you start the console already on that machine? Which version?

6.10.130 and yes installed on our dedicated server for the UMS Console

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