Can you report on which users login to an IGEL thin client?

Using UMS, I just enabled System > Logging for both messages and Events. Just wondering if I am able to tell which user login to the thin client ? I checked Event Messages > Authentication but is empty. Is there any audit trail for such activity ? Thanks,

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You mean for sessions started on the endpoint? Then the Logging Settings you used aren’t the right ones, they are covering the actions between UMS<=>Endpoint:

On Sessions:

You mean a list if login / logoffs?

Thin client or profile: System; Remote Administration ; Logging;Log login and logout events checkbox

UMS: UMS Administration; Misc Settings ; Enable user logon history checkbox

Hope it helps!

Thanks.. your way of explanation makes it clearer. What I have done is UMS to EndPoint, what I want to log is EndPoint to User. Will keep my UMS logging and get the logs auto deleted after 60 days.

That‘s perfect for general logging, right!

Did the last screenshot worked? If not, which kind of local Session on endpoint do you want to monitor?

I just want to see which AD account login to the Thin Client. From the logs, I think it did specify login activity but never mention who login.

You are in the wrong window for that, it‘s on the main page of your endpoint.

Perfect … got it. It was hidden and I didn’t see it until I expanded my VM session to full screen.

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