Can you use the IGEL OS SCCM Add-on tool in a Environment running on a CAS hierarchy?

The new IGEL OS SCCM Add-on does not state in the KB if it is possible to use the tool on an Environment running on a CAS hierarchy. Does anybody have any insights on that?

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All the tool does is add a boot image and two task sequences to the console. There are so few reasons to ever run a CAS, I don’t personally have much experience with one. If you have looked up any of the old guides on how to deploy with SCCM ( The addin does the exact same stuff, but just bundles the dd.exe and IGEL.bin into the boot wim.

Test it out, if your company is big enough to need a CAS, it should be big enough to have a test environment, right? 😉

You would think so. We are not ‘big’ enough to need a CAS. We do have Global delivery concerns that we have chosen to address with a CAS hierarchy.

Unfortunately I do not have the experience with a CAS or have one setup to test with. I could be wrong, but I doubt many people in the Community here also manage a CAS SCCM environment. For an official answer, you could look into opening an IGEL support case. I would imagine that it would work if installed on the CAS, only packages internal to SCCM like the boot image and task sequence policies should need to be replicated to the child sites. The addon doesn’t do very complicated things, but if you are concerned, its also very easy to setup SCCM to do this without the addon.


Hi, I am on the research to give you as soon as possible some answers

Thank you.

Hello, I asked our developer He told me he doesn’t know. He has to test it himself, and he will let me know as soon as he has an answer.

I am sorry that I cannot tell you more about this

Thanks for checking.

You are welcome

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