Cannot rescan for new devices in IGEL UMS

Getting an odd error when scanning for new devices. UMS is 6.05.100. No matter what I do I cannot scan. Restarted console as well, no joy.

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This is through an AD connected admin account.

Works through the built-in administrator account. Odd.

Most likely a permissions issue, check the administrator accounts permissions under “System” in UMS for the account or group

Our AD group (that my account is part of) has full control to everything, at the very top level. I’ve checked it over and over, and can’t see where I could be missing a setting. I checked directly on the folder I’m trying to scan to, same thing – my AD group has all permissions Allow.

Interesting, does anyone else have another account in that group that they can test?

Yes, same thing for all users in that group (3 so far).

Do you have more than one domain / sub domain linked to UMS?

No. Just one domain. I’ll double check the administrator accounts section again … brb…

Looks correct to me…

Do you have a lot of groups / ACL configured in UMS or is it simple?

Very simple. One local admin account, two domain groups (admins and helpdesk). Verified that users from admins group are not in helpdesk group, and vice versa.

Maybe try removing the domain bind, and rebinding. When you do specify a single domain controller for a test. Setup your permissions and try again

Will do. I’ll report back shortly. Thank you for your help 😃

Same problem =(. One thing I did notice is that when I click Resolve when adding the DCs, it brings in an old domain controller that is no longer around (by IP). I’m going to clean that up tonight, and see if that helps.

Yes, that’s why I said add one. Resolve looks t your DNS and gets all the DC’s listed there.

Just manually put in the FQDN for a single DC

I did, it’s still not working correctly. As soon as I hit scan for a subnet, I get that error.

Odd, something isn’t reading right. May need to open a case at that point.

Will do. Thank you!

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