Can’t communicated with IGEL OS via ICG & UMS environment

We trying to figure out why our external IGEL devices while are turned on, we can’t communicated to them from our ICG & UMS environment. We can manage these same IGEL devices during the day. We are thinking there is a sleep or power option that could be causing this issue. We are using IGEL UD2 & UD3 and (Dell & Lenovo) re-purposed PC. Has anyone else seen this issue or has any help please?

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Hello Stephen, which Igel OS Versions? Are the device still stating connected to ICG if you look at them physically?

The IGEL OS version are 11.03.358, 11.04.200 & 11.04.240. Yes ICG has been configured on all of these external devices. And we have people confirmed the cloud icon appears in the bottom right hand corner with no line through it.

Great, thanks! Would you mind sharing ICG / UMS Versions too?

checking Time between Endpoint, ICG, UMS, ADC would be great.

On logs side: UMS Server: IGELRemoteManagerrmguiserverlogs, Catalina

ICG: /opt/IGEL/icg/usg/logs/

may also help.

Is there a AV/Firewall between UMS and ICG? I would disable them temporarly.

Yes, there is a firewall between UMS & ICG. We are also managing 4,600 IGEL device from a single UMS and using the internal DB. We can manage these external IGEL devices during the day just fine but after hour ( when they been sitting idle for a while) it appears we can’t manage them. We will check the time between ICG, UMS, endpoints. (what is ADC?) UMS is 6.05 and ICG are 2.02.100

Ad controller if in use👍

Perfect, thanks for versions!

Are you able to test a few things on a device remotely if the error happens? Like unplugging network cable and replug?

I’m working to find a device that is remote that has the issue.

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