Can’t copy photos from iPhone via RDSH on IGEL OS

Hi, I have troubles with iPhone redirect on a Igel environment at a customers site. They connect to a RDSH 2016 environment. What is best practice to connect phones (in this case iPhones) in the RDSH session so they can copy their photo’s to the network? I now have a Devices -> Storage Devices and then a static drive mapping to a U drive (that I can see in the RDSH session) but no data is shown. The setting is with read-write permissions. I also configured a device rule with the vendor and class id from iPhone.

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We did that in the past but redirected the iphone itself and have not used storage devices (as an iphone not shows up as a classic storage device) – make sure to also allow (or better auto) redirect the iphone in the citrix policies if the redirection is not working when it’s only configured on the igel side

No Citrix, that’s my problem 😉

I would recommend to use the Fuse MTP Function (delivered in our OS but without full suport):

I know that we had a few issues with iOS 12 but please test it

Thanks, I knew about the last option but It’s not fully supported as you said. There must be an option to use it with the Storage Device / Storage Hotplug options in RDSH?

This is the message I get when I use my test setting with the new MTP function. What do I do wrong?

Without mounting the MTP Part of the device (with fuse) I don‘t believe it will work… but let‘s see if someone has a solution

I configured my test setting as in the manual from the link you send

I can see my mobile device in the RDP Control Bar and can browse through it but how can I copy for example photo’s from my iPhone to the RDP session I am connected to?

so, browsing them works from the linux side but not from RDP, right? Do other mappings like USB Sticks work? Which iOS Version did you check?

I used a lower version. Will make tomorrow some screenshots from the usb redirection settings and post them here so you can “shoot” at it. #learningeveryday

Great! I‘m more interested in the mapping settings rather then the redirection one. Please don‘t forget to test the general USB Storage mapping too👍 Have a nice evening!

Would you mind to take over? I‘m not in the office

I’ll take this one

I just tested with my iPhone and my RDSH2016 and I can open the pictures from the phone’s storage

same setting? I can open pictures from the phones storage but I cannot copy them into the RDSH environment.

I can copy them

Just tested it

All I did was add a drive mapping using letter A to /media/

And of course enable mobile device access

Can you make a screenshot of your drive mapping settings in the profile? The mobile device access part works at the moment

That’s all I did

Nice, that’s not the place I was looking at. #learnedagain!

So, is it working now in your environment?

I am back at the customers location on Thursday so then I will test It first thing in the morning and let you all know

But much thanks for the help so far. If this works, you helped me solve a problem I was trying to fix for a long time……..

When I only insert /media/ it does not work. I have to set in my case /media/mtpdev1 but next time when it is mtpdev0 it still does not work. What can that be?

When I only insert /media/ it does not work. I have to set in my case /media/mtpdev1 but next time when it is mtpdev0 it still does not work. What can that be?

I would try to disable the storage Hotplug part in your config /USB01.jpg) and try again with /media

I am quite sure that we had just the iPhone redirected and not a Storage Device. @member correct or does my memory fool me? If not can you attach the necessary profile?

Is it after disable the storage hotplug still possible to use usb disks and sticks? Because we must use those and mobile device on the Igels?

yes, but in another way. Let‘s see how it works for you

I’ll try tomorrow. What’s the other way?

Hi, new challange is that we use Ivanti Workspace Management and when I disable the Storage Hotplug part, there is no drive letter. Any idea how to fix that?

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