Can’t extend to second display by HDMI on an IGEL converted notebook

Hi, Today I have a customer calling that he cannot extend his IGEL converted notebook to a second screen by HDMI. We searched the BIOS but there is no option for enable / disable HDMI and I also checked IGEL Display Switch but only one screen is available; the one from the notebook. I updates this device to the last available OS 11 firmware without result. Is this a knows issue? The device is a HP 470 G7 btw.

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We have the same problem with newest Lenovo laptop, LAN and HDMI port won’t work with latets versions of OS 11. We tried 11.3.100 and then the LAN does work, all higher versions don’t.

Hi Henk, when opening a terminal, what happens when issuing


Are they two displays listed?

Will try now

This is the output with second screen throuh HDMI attached

Strange, I guess you already tried different cables and switched between the different inputs on the Display side? Is there maybe a Keyboard shortcut to enable external display projection?

We tried multiple cables and multiple displays without result. I know Windows has the FN F4 option (or something like this) but does Linux has this too?

It could be a hardware issue so I will install one of my HP laptops with the same firmware and try the HDMI option

Perfect! Please keep us in the loop if we can help!

It most likely is a hardware issue @member, or an issue with supporting the video card properly in Linux.

A lot of HP laptops have issues with Linux, and I am not sure why. We had a long running issue with the G6 laptops when they released that took a lot of versions , and multiple tweaks to drivers and kernel modules, to get fully working.

@member could it be that the “magic” 11.04.1xx firmware fixes this problem? I was not able to test because I had to use my test laptop at an other customer for some kind of probe function. Issue still is actual for my customer. In Windows the HDMI works fine but converted to Igel OS the HDMI isn’t working

It’s worst a try, but I didn’t saw a specific fix on that one.

Can we repair something like that with a fix? It must be a kind of passthrough thing in Linux I guess? This customer want’s to do a project with 70 HP laptops converted to Igel OS but before they sign they want to have this kind of things working. Me too, because 70 laptops where they cannot add a second screen through HDMI is my nightmare too to sell…… 😒

I would open a ticket then, but I’m sure that yes.

Oke, I will

I am on-site tomorrow but opening a ticket means oftern not direct contact with a support engineer. Is there a way to communicate directly with an support engineer? I know this is not a nice way but I will be there only tomorrow and then only again November 13th

Might be difficult tbh. but will check. Please open a ticket in parallel, just to get the issue tracked.

Support call done: ITRS#2020101210000671

I’ve seen a lot of odd behavior with HP devices in the past. Honestly, 50/50 chance it works. They seem to put their own custom firmware on a lot of hardware which conflicts with the native Linux drivers / kernel.

Well, the problem with my devices is solved. The suggestion from Support to enable System > Registry > x.drivers.nouveau.use_modesetting was not enough. After a reboot still nothin happend. After this I did the firmware upgrade to 11.04.200 and after a reboot again the second screens was available. I think it must a combination of both actions. Anyway, customer happy and one stip closer to a nice Igel project coming 😋. Thanks all and @member for the fast respond on the ticket 👍

Wasn‘t aware of the key, thanks for sharing the solution!

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