Can’t get Imprivata SSO on Citrix desktop working M350C with on IGEL OS 11.03.100

Currently testing deployments with M350C with 11.03.100 firmware in Imprivata appliance mode. Can’t get these to come up with our Imprivata SSO Citrix desktop using our current profiles. Did something specific change for this model/firmware version that I need to add? Our Imprivata appliances are on version 7.2 SP1. Our older M340’s on firmware 11.01.130 are still connecting to the Citrix desktop just fine. Please let me know if you need more info. Thanks!

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Are you using the same Igel profile for Imprivata SSO?

I’m running 11.03 and Imprivata 7.0 and it works fine

You may have to identify the Imprivata root certificate in the profile. Imprivata added the requirement in later versions. Make sure your Imprivata profile is based off of 11.03.130 or later (100 was pulled) and you should see the option below.

We already have that cert setting applied with defaults. Does that cert path point to the path locally on the iGel or to a path on the Imprivata appliance?

locally, and it depends on how you deployed the cert as what needs to be in that field

who would know this? Imprivata admin?

I don’t know anything about that cert.

The certificate would be deployed as a file to your IGEL devices in UMS

So we would export the cert from our appliance and then deploy that to iGel’s?


Ok thanks. I’ll have a look and share this with Imprivata team. I know right now we have a lot of certs added as files to our iGel’s, but none of them match that default path setting in our production SSO profile. And that is working on our older devices running 11.01 firmware. So no idea

They may not, especially if it is a signed root certificate

you may have to adjust that path to point to the certificate

So I’m making progress. I corrected cert path and now the Imprivata PiE agent loads, but it doesn’t launch our Citrix SSO desktop

Still making progress. I got it loaded into our production SSO desktop, but I’ve moved into our test group which has a different profile pointing to our test SSO desktop. It won’t switch though. It keeps loading into production. I tried disabling appliance mode and re-enabling it for Imprivata…no luck

how can I get it to switch to a different Citrix published desktop. The profile has the command that it runs and specifies the desktop name, but it keeps loading into production and not test

if you switch, you must remove all Imprivata profiles, reboot and then point it

You cannot just swap with teh way their PIE agent works

ahh gotcha

Let me try that. Thanks!

So that doesn’t seem to work either. This device is running the firmware that it shipped with 11.03.100 which I believe was pulled, so I’m wondering if should try updating to latest 11.03

Imprivata requires a minimum of 11.03.130 (I believe)

But it should work, did the PIE agent go away?

I removed all profiles and the PIE agent went away after reboot, then I moved it back to test SSO dir and PIE agent loaded again, but still loaded to prod SSO desktop

Does it use the same certificate, or a different one?

Pretty sure it still uses same cert, but I really don’t know

I finally figured it out. It kept rejoining existing session (prod) so I had to kill that under Citrix so it would launch the test desktop.

Our Citrix admin has been afk, he probably would have figured that out quicker

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