Can’t log in to the “Local Terminal” on an External IGEL OS device

I am having trouble logging in the “Local Terminal” on an External IGEL OS device. I can get to the “Local Terminal screen that is displaying the following.

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— rescue shell tty11 —

Press <RETURN> to login:

I have the Profile settings: SecurityPassword configured as follows.

What do you want to achieve exactly? Accessing a Terminal by using CTRL+Alt+F11 or Accessories,Terminal or SSH or Secure Terminal? What is the issue you are facing?

I’m trying to login as admin to the local terminal.

I need to execute the lsusb command to obtain all of the USBs connected to the IGEL OS device.

I’m using CTRL+Alt+F11

then, you should just enter



the Password you entered as Administrator Password


I have tried that & it fails. I have applied a new Profile at the device level to over ride the same Profile at the directory level because of a new password was set.

I have notice that the new Profile that I have applied to the device has the blue circle with ! next to the Profile Icon. I have rebooted this device several times already.

Then, right click the Device, Edit configuration, Security, move your mouse over the lock symbol left of the Administrator, Use password and check the profile.

It still isn’t working. I looking to create a new directory that doesn’t have the directory profile that has the Administrator password I’m trying to change. And only add the new Profile with the new Administrative password.

Please, reset the device to factory defaults first, just to get rid of the root cause,

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