Can’t ping another IGEL thin client using COMPUTER NAME, not able to connect via name?

My thin client joined domain and my authentication is using AD. Using the network tools on the thin client, I ping another thin client using COMPUTER NAME. It didn’t work. When I change it to IP, it works fine. Any idea what settings I miss out ?

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I try to enable DNS entering NameServer 1 and 2 without Default Domain. It broke my thin client connection with UMS. Then, I need to access the physical thin client to remove the DNS setting to get it back working.

Just wonder if you guys manage to get the computer name working ?

So when you set up a thin client for Active Directory authentication it isn’t _actually_ joined to the AD domain, it’s just using a Kerberos call and response to a DC to confirm that your credentials are valid. This means that DNS A records aren’t automatically created like you would expect for domain-joined Windows machines. If you wanted thin clients to update their DNS records, you would need to configure this under LAN Interfaces > Dynamic DNS registration and make sure DDNS is set up for that forward lookup zone in particular – if Windows is responsible for DNS, I believe you would need to allow nonsecure dynamic updates. Please configure this at your own risk and only if you have a thorough understanding of DNS in your environment 🙂

I will test it accordingly. Thanks.

Do I need the key file ?

only if your DNS server requires a TSIG key for dynamic updates 🙂 tbh, I would only really do this in combination with DHCP

It’s probably easier to let DHCP handle the DNS registration, that’s what we do here.

Ok, I will use DHCP to test it out

I have a similar problem with the DNS registration. whats exactly meant by letting the DHCP handling the registration? I had an earlier configuration of our thin clients where the DNS registration just worked fine (it’s in german though). With OS 11 installed, do i have to change some of the settings?

If you want the client to update the DNS records, you need to allow unsecure DNS updates for the particular DNS zone – assuming you’re using Windows DNS Servers

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