Can’t redirect audio from Logitech C930e webcam in Teams in RDSH environment?

Hi, for the RDSH environment we use a Logitech C930e webcam for teams. This webcam has also a microphone build in. Strange thing is I can only redirect the webcam to my RDSH session and not the microphone. When I use the Teams CP on the Igel both work so it must be an option / setting of USB redirection. Am I forgetting someting or doing someting wrong?

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Hi, @member

The C930e is a composed USB device so basically two devices in one box.

Audio is handled by a different virtual channel that you need to enable.

Under RDP Global > Mapping > Audio you need to enable Audio recording.

@member I have this enabled. That’s the strange thing

Do you see the mic in the Sound Preferences?

Locally, yes. But only onder advanced. I can choose it but not save my choice. Default is HDA ATI HDMI

that’s odd..

Within the IGEL Setup locally, under Accessories > Sound Preferences > Options you should be able to set the default sound input

This is OS v10.

On OS 10.06.170 the option exists too.

Just like OS11

I might have made a typo. Will check it tonight. Let you know if that was the problem.

Well, locally is seen as default now (typo indeed) but after starting the session it isn’t seen in the session en when minimalize the session the setting is gone

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