Can’t secure shadow an IGEL OS device from the UMS console running on a workstation?

I’ve looked through previous comments/questions about Secure Shadow through ICG, but do not see the answer to the issue I am having. I have UMS version 6.04.100 (build 45217) and OS 11.03.110. I have ICG 2.01.100 installed in our DMZ. Port 8443 is allowed from our UMS server to the ICG and port 8443 to/from the Internet for the ICG is allowed.

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The endpoint is connected through ICG to UMS. I have the UMS console installed on a machine other than the UMS Server (in addition to the UMS Server). If I try to Secure Shadow the device from the UMS Console on the UMS Server, it works perfectly. However, if I try to Secure Shadow from the UMS Console installed on another machine, I get a message back almost instantly that the Connection was closed by VNC Server. The Shadowing request does come up on the client, but since the connection was close, it doesn’t really matter whether it is Denied or Accepted.

Does 8443 need to be opened from the server the UMS Console is on (other than the UMS server itself) to the ICG to get Secure Shadow to work or is there possibly another issue going on?

This Post from @member covers it as its best tbh:

Your console needs to be able to connect to ICG through 8443.

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