Can’t shadow an IGEL OS device registered via an ICG

Good Morning Everyone. Looking for some advice. Having an issue making shadowing a device registered via an ICG. Internal shadowing no issues what so ever. I can reboot and push updated profile changes to the remote device without issue. Running 6.05.100 UMS. Any thoughts as always is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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Good aftenoon, which ICG / Igel OS Version?

In 90% of our cases, the UMS Console are not allowed to speak 8443 (standard port if not changed) with the ICG Server.

11.03.500.01. Not understanding “UMS Console are not allowed to speak 8443” interfacing on 8443 is fine since I am able to interact with the remote endpoint in all other aspects. IE: remote reboot, profile push and so on.

And your ICG? The UMS Consolte must be able to speak diretcly with the ICG on your network. That was meant 😄

thanks! it def does. No issues there.

I am running into a similar issue. I can shadow an iGEL connected to ICG using UMS web app, but not from UMS itself.

web app? I have not tried that

iGEL Support wants me to install UMS 6.05.110. I plan on installing tomorrow and testing.

Ok, keep us in the loop please @member

@member Still missing your ICG Version number 😉

Upgrading to 6.05.110 didn’t resolve my issue. Still unable to shadow an iGEL via ICG in UMS. however, I still can shadow an iGEL via ICG in the UMS Web App.

May I ask, where you start you console? Locally or on UMS Server?

I run UMS on the UMS Server.

@member sorry got pulled into a few things. ICG version is 2.02.100

so tested using the web app and that is fine so it must be an issue shadowing from UMS console

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