Can’t shadow IGLE OS devices from UMS Web App

Hi All, we recently upgraded to ums 6.06.100 and now have UMS Web App available… what i notice is that i can’t shadow from there as it looks like no device is online in this webpage (from the normal client they show active).. what do we need to do to solve this? And also profiles is not visible? or is this “as designed” ?

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Hi Jimmy, since UMS 6.06 is asking for more resources, and a lack of them can reflect in missing features: how many RAM did you assigned to the UMS Server and which kind of DB are you using?

Hi Sebastien! we have 8gb and how do i check the db version?

Easiest way: RDP the UMS Server, open the UMS Administrator and go to Datasource, I would like to see if this an embedded / extermal SQL:

its an embedded one

Atm. we are commending to have at least 9gb assigned:

ah we know what to do 🙂

thx @member!

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