Can’t upgrade a UD3 LX50 to OS10

So I recently acquired an older model Igel from eBay for my home lab – a ud3-lx 50ac and during the firmware update, it showing as failed. Error messages suggest that it’s failing to locate the lxiv.ver and lxiv.inf files from the USB drive. I can confirm they are on the disk,

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Any advice?

P.S. 1st post, so apologies if it’s in the wrong channel

So are you installing OS 11 or OS 12 on device?

Create USB installer and boot from it — right?

Pretty sure it was OS 5 going to OS 10.6, but thanks for the link – will work through it now 🙂

Major OS upgrades tend to require a few extra steps in the upgrade process. For a single device, I absolutely recommend what Ron said and just reimage it from a USB stick with the version you want.

Just in case, if you reimage you lose the Licensing

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