Chrome is freezing video with VMware Horizon VMs with an Nvidia M10 on IGEL OS

I’m still running into some issues deploying Horizon VMs with an Nvidia M10. We were having issues with Chrome freezing in Youtube (or vimeo/twitch…) maximized but I shut off vmware.view.glrenderer in the registry and the freezing stopped. Is this somewhat normal behavior? I didn’t run into the freezing with videos maximized in Firefox. We also still have an issue where we can’t enable hardware acceleration for Powerpoint slide shows. The hardware acceleration and Chrome maximized work fine if I’m directly doing an RDP session.

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Sorry if already asked: on which hardware are you facing this issue? might it be a related to a specific CPU/GPU?

Thing is glrenderer has become obsolete nowadays. VMware replaced by a certain glbasicrenderer and it’s unclear if glrenderer is still used for any hardware at all.

And If you switch it on, nevertheless, you will get a fallback renderer (with uncertain capabilities) instead.

But these are all implementation details which can change from release to release, so it’s best not change anything.

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