Chrome on IGEL OS is lagging for about one or two seconds

Hi, we have a project for a customer who migrates from Citrix to Horizon View. We ‘converted’ 5 Igels OS 10 to the last firmware for testing in the new environment. With this Igels, if we want to add an URL or open a pull-down menu in eg. Chrome, there is a lag for about one or two seconds. Are we connected from a laptop, no lag is seen when doing the same actions. Even when we take the session from the Igel to the laptop, no lag is visual. Does someone has any idea which setting in Igel can be done to fix this?

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Hello @member do you have the Multimedia Codec Pack license for OS10?

Yes, it’s a UD3-LX 51ac model OS 10

Can you check these settings, and see if they are turned on?

@member are they using dual screen? If yes, RDP, Blast or PCoIP?

Duals screen settings yes, testing for now with one screen. Blast it is!

@member Yes, both settings on

@member yes… It might be related to unsifficient “Power”. if you want to double check it: use a UDP with actual firmware and connect it on a powerful PC. If the UDP works, you can then be sure to 99,99% that UD3 is a lack of power.

Hmmmm,I have to see if I have a demo UDP that I can use for testing. But “unsifficient power” with the latest model UD3-LX, how can that be possible?

@member If you don’t have a Demo UDP, we can provide you, if needed you can dm me then we will get you one.

I took some extra at my ICE training this summer 😇 so I must have some I think. Gave also a lot away to create Igel spirit with some customers 😎

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