Chromium crashes with unfinished ICA download since 11.08.330

Chromium crashes with unfinished ICA download since 11.08.330 and higher – opened an official case (#CS0042467), but since 18d there is no reply (only questions about our infrastructure). Just a call in this community. Does anyone here has the same issue and got it fixed ? We need some features from CWA 2303 but can’t update to 330. 😞

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I saw the thread, but I don‘t have a proper idea… Could you try a Ubuntu 2004, with same CWA / Chromium. Does it work there?

Any chance to test the latest Private Build?

If latest prviate build is 11.08.338 – so the issue is still there 😞 Strange that no one else does have this issue to. When I roll back to 11.08.290, issue does not appear.

PS: on ubuntu 2004 LTS we have also no trouble (my collegue works on it a long time).

Is it possible to reproduce it on your side ? Chromium in kiosk mode opens Citrix StoreFront logon page. User loggs on, clicks on the Citrix session icon, and chromium crashes. In /tmp there is the downloaded ICA file with suffix .cdrdownload. Renaming the file to .ica and open it with THUNAR, Citrix session starts.

Hello @member I reviewed that case, and it looks like there have been a few updates on it, including one a few hours ago.

We had another case about this, and it is chromium crashing on all downloads due to a bug in Chromium with notifications when in appliance mode.

Disabling the chromium download bubble seems to resolve it.

@member You made my day! It works. No crash with the DownloadBubbleEnabled=false workaround. Great. Thank you so much !!!

A side effect: The banner on launch Citrix session to hit escape to leave fullscreen mode also disappears in any version 11.08.290 and higher.

Great work @member

@member here is something to try out

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