Cisco Jabber lose their settings on IGEL OS, please help

hey guys, we have some interesting issue with cisco jabber.

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we are using HP T610, HP T620 and igel UD3, UD6. Jabber at all works fine within citrix and also via openvpn (cisco-jvdi is used, we have licensed all clients).

But unfortunately a few of them lose their settings within cisco jabber. it is not explainable why this happens, and also the our support partner has no clue.

all those clients are using the same profiles.

At first we thought it would only happen to devices with Universal Desktop LX installed, but that is not true.

Any idea how to narrow it down? We found out, that:

• the issue is related to devices

• happens on local network as connected via vpn

• is not related to the used headset

• is not related to cisco jabber software (all are using the same version, and we upgraded already without a change)

• is not related to citrix-server (an affected user uses a special client and the issue remains even after connecting to another citrix server).

Hey André, when you write „loose their setting in Cisco Jabber“: which settings do you mean exactly?

Which Igel OS are you using on the concerned devices? So, the issue is only related to IGEL OS or also on Fatclients?

only on igel OS. we are using, 10.05.500.01 and 10.05.800.01.

lost settings 1: in citrix you have always one virtual device, which is not usable. the second device is the usb-headset. often the virtual device becomes the selected device, although the usb-headset is (or was) the default device. that happens randomly during an established session.

lost settings 2: sometimes the volumes changes (as before randomly). all can be corrected within cisco jabber, but it doesn’t stay for long. it seems that some defaults from igel are used.

You are not using the JVDI counterfeit inside our OS but USB Redirection, right?

We have the 12.7.1 version inside our OS (please update one client to 10.06.179) , which talks directly to the Agent on your Terminalserver. That gives a lot of optimization.

Or If you already use it: which Cisco Agent version is installed on TS? Should match the local one (beside some exceptions, but it‘s better to match).

we are using JVDI client inside igel os. we are using jvdi client 12.1 and agent as well on 12.1. jabber is version 12.8 (after we were using 12.1).

we have to check if 10.06.179 is suitable for us, have to ask my colleague. furthermore we have to update nearly 90% now via openvpn. that will be risky. we will check. thanks.

If possible, you really should be on firmware 11.03.500.x, which includes JVDI Client 12.7.1. On the VDA you will be fine (and within support) if you install JVDI Agent 12.8.1 and Jabber 12.8.1. Keep in mind that the JVDI Agent and Jabber version need to match. Also, there’s a Jabber configuration item to set a headset as the default device for Jabber. We haven’t implemented this yet in our config, but will be looking to do so very soon

Jabber 12.8 already offers the option to use the last plugged usb device. but it doesn’t work at some clients.

couldn’t update to 10.06.179, because the test client may not be updated anymore (license too old?).

Is it a UD Pocket or maybe a UDC? Then your maintenance might be expired. If you have an Igel Endpoint, you should be good to test there.

will try to find an igel endpoint. it was a udc.

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