Citrix 11.08.200 and USB Redirection

Hello, everyone,

unfortunately we have some problems under Citrix after the update to 11.08.200

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Many USB devices (BusyLight, printers, USB sticks, cameras,…) no longer work. On 11.07.140 everything ran without errors. We will not use version 11.08.200 and we are waiting for an improvement. Can anyone else share the experience? Many greetings

Hello Thilo, are this devices redirected via Native USB Redirection?

Hello Sebastien, sure. I know, one should deny everything first. but so it always worked perfectly.:

Hi Thilo,

I think you should switch from “allow” to “connect”.

Right! This is why I asked! ✌️

👍 Thank you I will test it. Is this new in 11.08.200?

Yes, or more especially in CWA 2207.

The device extra config: “split=01 intf=04” is it different for each client PC?

Hi Thilo,

We did this because a speechmike has multiple “devices”. It is a microphone, an audio device, mouse input, controller, .. We used following article as a guide.

We don’t need the microphone, audio, .. via usb redirection. Only the buttons on the device need to work. Microphone and Audio device are handled by Igel OS.

Only since we split this device we were able to get it to work. 🙂

Great thank you. with the BusyLight, works again. How do I get the USB memory stick connected again?

Via Storage Hotplug would be my recommendation.

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