Citrix / Browser Content Redirection on IGEL OS?

Browser Content Redirection

We are implementing BCR from Citirx to get a better performance for example youtube-videos:

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On some fatclients the Content-Redirection works and the videos running in very good performance.

On our IGEL clients, the redirection works but flickers the whole screen (see attachment)

So we’ve figured out the troubleshooting article: and found

the following note:

Due to the limitation of CEF(Chromium Embedded Framework), client endpoint GPU needs to be disabled if DPI scaling factor is set to a number other than 100% in order for BCR feature to work. Otherwise BCR displays the website in a corrupted fashion (like zoomed in and cropped). To disable, configure on the Client:

• HKLMSOFTWARECitrixHdxMediastream

• For 64-bit:

• HKLMSOFTWAREWow6432NodeCitrixHdxMediastream

• Key: GPU (DWORD)

• Value: 0

But this note is only for Windows clients. Is there an equal configuration on IGEL UMS ?


We are using IGEL OS with enabled Multimedia Codec Pack license.

Hi Inga, did that Regestry Hook worked like expected?

Yes – on Windows-Clients the flickering screen disappeared and the videos are in good performance.

Not sur if it would apply to your case but you could check if this DPI setting matches:

Thanx Sebastien, but settings like “smart” and “Pixel-Precise” are only available on 11.x – we are running 10.06.170. So the only setting available is to set autodetection “off”. We’ve played with some DPI values (65 – 120) without any result.

Valid Point Inga… Ok, let me check if I find something suitable.


A test on the local client via “webcontainer” showes the same cropped screen, so I think it is not a Citrix BCR problem as mentioned above. The cropped/flickering screen comes on every webpage. (see attachment) – hope it helps to identify the “issue”.

Just a few questions: which kind of devices are you using with Igel OS?

If I would send you a testlicense, could you test a OS11 device (I would add a link to a CWA 2006 PB)?

Is it happening in Single Monitor use too?

Is there a setting that enables h264 in your citrix profile?

1. IGEL OS 10.06.170 on HP ProDesk 400 G3

2. Yes you can send me a testlicense, but in the next time we are not able to upgrade to 11 😞

3. Yes also in single monitore mode

4. No h.264 is not enabled (as attached/sorry only german available)

Thank you! Is there only a Intel GPU or also a discrete Nvdia?

It’s an onboard Intel GPU with CPU Intel Core i3 7100T (3,4 GHz)

… Intel HD Graphics

Cannot promise something, but could switch between this Acceleration methods, reboot and retry:

You made my day !!!! Great. With UXA acceleration it works perfectly on local client also on Citrix BCR. Thank you for your great support!💯👍

So far, have a nice weekend and stay healthy!

Kind regards


Great to hear Inga!! Happy to help! Schönes Wochenende und bleibe gesund:hugging_face:

Well done!… you never fail to impress!!

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