Citrix connection via Netscaler Error: “AM_ERROR_AUTH_NETWORK_ERROR[65275]” on IGEL OS

Hello, have any of you ever made a Citrix connection via Netscaler? We would like to create a profile for this.

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I am currently getting the following error: AM_ERROR_AUTH_NETWORK_ERROR[65275]

Able to share the profile you currently are using?

Hello Dominik, yes! Did you entered something as Store path and Store name? If yes, please remove them and retry. Which Firmware are you using?

Do you also have the Root cert on the device?

yes i have add the Certificate as SSL and Web-Certificate. In the Store Path i only enter the Adress of the netscaler

So, opening the Netscaler URL in a Browser Session works without an error right? Which Firmware are you using?

yes it work without error in firefox on igel. my firmware is

So, can you forward us a screenshot of your Settings (by replacing the Server informations by dummy ones) or PM them me.


that Store name looks too short, tried the FQDN?

we have a short domain name ;D

ah ok

@member Available for a Teamviewer Session?

do i have to install all certificates or just one? if so, do they have to be in wfsca-certs?

yes i can send you my telephone number as pm?

seen this?

Yes, sure, @member

Did anyone find a solution to this issue? I have exported my Certs via IE as an Admin. Place the certs on the end point in the /wfs/ca-certs folder and still getting the Error adding store:AM_ERROR_AUTH_NETWORK_ERROR[65275]

Did you find a resolution? I am seeing a similar error in my environment.

Hi guys, the issue of Dominik was related to something else. Could you check if your certificates are Base64: When editing them with notepad, do they start with Begin Certificate?

I just reviewed the certs. They are Base64

Thank you ! Is the store URL (Path to store too) to 100% correct?

Netscaler in use?

Just in case:

If that doesn‘t work, can you jump into a terminal and check your certificates with openssl:

Through a new profile: Accessories=>Terminal => Blue Star => Save Profile and assign it to your endpoint. Locally open the terminal and login as root:

To show different information for a certificate

openssl x509 -in /wfs/ca-certs/tc_ca.crt -noout -text

openssl x509 -in /wfs/ca-certs/tc_cat.crt -noout -issuer

openssl x509 -in /wfs/ca-certs/tc_cat.crt -noout -subject

openssl x509 -in /wfs/ca-certs/tc_cat.crt -noout -issuer -subject

To verify root certificate against site

openssl s_client -connect <|> -CApath /etc/ssl/certs

Test all certs together for chain.

openssl verify -verbose -purpose sslserver -CAfile RootCert.pem -untrusted Intermediate.pem UserCert.pem

Test all certs together for chain if no intermediate Ca is present:

openssl verify -verbose -purpose sslserver -CAfile RootCert.pem -untrusted UserCert.pem

Yeah the store entry is fine. We are looking at about 4 errors for authentication out of 10 reboot tries. However certain devices reboot frequently so this is becoming a headache on our PC techs across multiple different sites. I will take a look into the terminal method and see what comes back. Thank you.

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