Citrix policy dictates we terminate Citrix sessions if the state is disconnected, but IGEL OS state never changes

I know I am missing a checkbox somewhere, so I am hoping someone can point me in the right direction. In our Citrix farm our policy dictates that we terminate Citrix sessions if the state is disconnected for an hour. What we are noticing on our thin clients, is that the state never changes to disconnected in Studio. We are using AD auth to auto login to storefront on login. Firmware version = 11.02

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Windows clients are disconnected as expected.

Couldn‘t give you a Checkbox to tick, but more point you to the Citrix Logoff idle way:

in a first step!

Hey @member are you looking to disconnect the session from the endpoint automatically, then allowing the 1 hour timer to start?


I guess you mean this Citrix Policy, right?

That Citrix policy is in place, and works for our Windows clients, but not for our Igels

Cannot check Citrix atm., but was thinking about the Custom countdown command

and a pnlogoff

Are you using the AD authentication on the IGEL device with pass-through authentication to the Citrix receiver?

Yessir – this is where I think the issue is

OK, give me a few minutes. I had something similar to what @member was hinting at. Let me see if I can make something that would help here.

OK thanks

@member is this the same script that you referenced on Github?

@member yes, that‘s my first approach, but the second link is a builtin Igel way (so second approach 😄)

Yea, I have a profile I can give you Barry, but I tweaked it a bit since my last test so I am validating. I just have to wait 1 minute between tests to make sure it works consistently 🙂

Give this a shot. It is currently set to lock after a minute of inactivity. See if it does what you are looking for.

Thanks for this @member I will test it later today

Sounds good, if it doesn’t quite work right let me know. I can always tweak it a bit.

Good morning @member, I just wanted to check and see if that profile is working for you?

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