Citrix session crashes with black screen, any advice and how do I find logging?

I have a problem with a igel thinclient, When starting a citrix session to a sbc desktop i see the logon screen but after the the system looks to crash black screen and after that a reset. hardware is a UD3-lx 51 and firmware when I try to start the desktop from an other client there is no problem. What could be the problem and where can i find some logging?

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What Citrix Workspace App version are you using?

Are you using a specific setting here:

Do you have MMCP licensed on that device?

Running the default setting in the template, as far as i can see should it be 20.04

Try changing it to 19.10.0 and see how that goes

19.10 gives me the same problem

MMCP in place?

Uhm, i have no idea?

If you look on that device on UMS, is there a C at the end of the Product ID?

No there is not

On the other devices (that work), is it there a C?


same unit

Only on tje device type is a C on the end

does it start on the black screen forever, or just a long period of time and then continues to finish the logon?

what happens, Logon using the citrix logon screens, the screen of the server will appear, the i see back the igel background and then the screen is getting black (see the name of my desktop on top of the screen) and then everything is closed, also my remote vnc session and the i have to click the citrix icon to logoff and i can logon again, citrix session i snow disconnected

Dumb question, is it happening only on that device? If yes, could you reset the device to factory defaults and re-test?

no it happens on more

on that location we have 2 older clients and both having this issue

but i am going to replace them now

But only there then, and other endpoints in other sites, work as usual?

all other endpoints are working fine, and these 2 have problem now and then, in the meantime after 1,5 hour the one with the problem is now working again

but is there some ica client logging where i can find some info for trouble shooting?

Should be the regular log:

Parameter in the registry:

• ica.pnlogin.debug

Activate the debug output of icaconfig and pnlogin

• ica.module.syslogtheshold = 7

Activate the debug output from the Citrix Workspace app


• journalctl

• /var/log/getval_icaconfig.log

• /var/log/getval_pnlogin.log

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