Citrix StoreFrom / IGEL Profile configuration questions

Hi all, I am new and working on a Citrix Set Up with Igel as the endpoint. I have a few questions and was hoping for some feedback here:

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1. I’m trying to configure the session profile to connect via our StoreFront / XenDesktop environment. Under Configuration I have set our Store address and path to match, added our domain when applied and sent to thin client I set as apply now then accept the prompt on the thin client but I do not see any connection available? Do you have any white papers on configuring StoreFront / XenDesktop?

2. I have also updated the firmware via the UMS but the Universal Desktop LX-10.05.100 is still running some 24 hours later, I’m assuming it should have come down by now?

3. Is there any way to have the devices boot straight to the StoreFront logon page?

4. Can you off load video processing from the XenApp server to the local device?

Wasn’t sure in which category these questions go so happy to for the moderator to move them over.

Hey @member Answers to some of your questions

1. Have you enabled ‘Desktop’ under ‘Starting Methods for Session’?

2. Yip shouldn’t take that long, some times its easier download the firmware updates from the website directly and then importing into UMS, that way you can see the browser download progress.

3. Yip, you can create a Browser session to Storefront and in that profile enable AutoStart which will launch the Firefox browser to Storefront after the IGEL desktop loads

4. Yip, try enabling “Accelerated H.264 Deep Compression Codec” –

i think 2) is refering to the progress bar of the download in the UMS, which is bugged. best is to close it, press F5 an the download should be completed

thank you. Having a session on Tuesday with Igel and will report back then. Also heavily aiming at enterprise proofing the solution.

Regarding updating the firmware also have a look here:

For off-loading media stuff you need the multi media codec pack (MMCP) on the device, to double check if the device has one, check the name of the model:

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