Command to trigger an IGEL OS firmware update?

I have an issue shadowing my headless UD6. I can however connect through Putty. Anyone know the command to trigger a firmware update in Putty?

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LOL πŸ™‚ Thanks will try it out

no problem πŸ˜›

Can I upgrade straight from the internet? Seems like its going locally, I guess my issue is the double \ – Where do I can URL

you have to configure it with a profile

once you have the update location set via a profile, you call the update command to execute the update with that configuration

curious, when you say “headless”, do you mean without UMS?

Headless means there is no screen connected to it, so I cannot see what is going on. I need to get it upgraded first to be able to test and get my WiFi dongle going

Do I need to setup a firmware repository? I though I could just download straight from the UMS server

You can download the FWU from UMS (if it’s available there, from an ftp/http location or from a local USB device as well

cool, thanks, will try the AWS S3 option. Just got shadowing working, add to disable the prompt πŸ™‚ Never stop learning

@member Have you tested it against the Citrix CTP Cloud? I cannot connect, see other message

@member have you looked at

yes did check it, just having doubt if I need firmware repo or not. Soon finishing upload, should work. I just though I could update straight from IGEL, like WSUS internal/external

Which method did you use @member? Self-service should be pretty straight forward, it used to work when I tested it the last time

AWESOME was using the wrong method, had it set to StoreFront

it won’t work :

If you’ve gone through the steps listed in “Update IGEL OS Firmware via the UMS” section, then you should be able to just right click on the device in UMS and select the option to have it update from the context menu.

take off the lxos.inf

This needs to be a standard webdav repo

Also, lxos.inf shouldn’t be in your path, just the root folder with the firmware files


so is this connecting through ICG to get to the UMS?


Let me know about how long that takes. I have never used AWS, and I am curious how it compares

It doesn’t take long. At least not with mine. It was faster than those in our branch offices. I have it setup in s3 bucket for remote devices. I do need to update to 11.03.583, I probably should time it.

took 10 minutes to update

mine took 1 minute to download, 2min 20 sec to update, and 45 seconds to reboot. This is a laptop converted to IGEL OS

not bad

yeah it all depends on the internet connection, remember mine is in Brasil and the S3 in US

right, figured. Mine isn’t the closest US location, but still US East and I’m in Indiana

10 minutes for your location and ftp in US seems pretty awesome

yes indeed

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