Configurations “stuck” in IGEL OS image even after factory reset?

Hello everyone! My apologies if this has been answered already. I did several searches, and could not find anything…We are running UD3 W7 + boxes, and I have applied the new 3.13.110 version. The issue is that there are certain configurations “stuck” in this image. Even after a factory reset (locally on the box and through UMS), I still have a desktop icon and IE home page set to one of our corporate sites. These items do no exist in the policies applied to the folder, or to the device directly (I know this, as I just recreated the policies to make sure there wasn’t something odd about them). Is there a way to force a complete re-imaging of the device? Or, what could cause these devices to have these odd configurations stick across resets? We do not have any Firmware customizations or Master Profiles defined. Thank you.

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@member this is not a igel OS question, but anyways, is this the clean image download ad from IGEL files our er, or did someone create a master snapshot with some changes in?

@member My apologies on putting this in the incorrect channel – I could not find one for Windows based systems. I cannot find a master snapshot, and I cannot find out how to either a) re-apply the current image (to overwrite existing system) or b) downgrade image. Every time I try, it does not start. I was able to find where these were created (locally within the image, then it was locked down), and was able to remove them. My next question is that now when I go to take a Firmware Snapshot, I’m getting errors. Either error code=4 (unable to reboot), or error code=2 (server name not set). Thank you for your assistance!

check this for instructions on how you specify i firmware download for Windows devices. If you want to have a clean snapshotfile it should be downloaded from here:

@member I found the document on how to set up a profile for Custom Firmware Snapshots, and am now working with my master device. I had to tweak a few things from the doc (ums_filetransfer on my setup, vs. ums-filetransfer in the docs). I think I’m close…

if you have a “dirty” firmware (with preconfigured settings “burned in”), those do not dissapear if doing a factory reset.

Yeah, I think that’s my problem…for instance, does IGEL customize the IE settings? Mine are all set to weird defaults and I cannot get Receiver to auto-detect (keeps throwing the ActiveX prompt).

Thanks @member, I was able to run a fully reset on the TC, I now have custom firmware working, and am on to figuring out this ActiveX thing. I’m going to create a new post for that so it doesn’t get caught up here.

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