Conky doesn’t display infos after a IGEL OS reboot

Hi guys another question. I use conky when using 11.08.260 IGEL software and have it displaying the host name IP etc.. however when deploying profiles, occasionally the conky monitor does not display after a reboot. It just never shows up on either monitor. (we have a 2 monitor config) I have set the autostart delay to 60 seconds but that still didnt work. Here are a couple screenshots, any ideas?

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I found ref to conky in release notes

“`### Conky

The right screen when using multiscreen environment may not be shown


Workaround: The horizontal offset should be set to the width of the monitor

(e.g. if the monitor has a width of 1920, the offset should be set to 1920)“`

Some of the montiors that this happens to arent the same size. What is best practice? create a profile that defines a monitor width offset and apply a profile to any device that this happens to?

Conky does launch in this scenario, but the bug seems to be that it is floating off in a window somewhere in no man’s land, well well well beyond the view of your desktop.

Let me find the link where I’ve discussed this.

TLDR: setting this in your Conky config options, is probably the easiest approach to get you fixed up. 😉

“`ConfigName: xinerama_head

ConfigValue: -1“`

Thank you sir I apperciate it. Last question, where can I find the xinerama_head. Is this in the UMS under conky and custom setup, where I add this this config change. Im not really sure where to change these values within Ums?

Yes, in the top section in your photo:

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