Connecting IGEL remotely through the Netscaler?

We are having issues trying to use our iGel remotely through the Netscaler (via Dell Wyse Boxes). Below is how we have it setup now, we read online to keep Path to Store blank. When we try to get to it gives us an error that it can’t get to Citrix.

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hi, whats the error you get when connecting? How do you have the ADC configured?

Looks similar to ours

yes. Internally it works. Trying to hit our gateway server. The error is Can not connect to Citrix Server

@member we are not sure what you mean by how we have the ADC configured. Refer to Chet’s comment on the error. We only have this issue with iGel devices, other devices work fine remotely.

so you are attempting to access the ADC Gateway feature rather than a load balanced Storefront VIP?


can you post a screenshot of the error message? I assume you get the error when attempting to access the gateway or is it when you try and launch apps after logging into the gateway?

yes. its at the workspace login. Ill try and get a screen shot

I wouldn’t be surprised if it isn’t a certificate issue. We had similar issues at one point when we didn’t have our internal CA cert on the IGEL devices.

@member yip thats where I’m heading to also

@member may I ask a few ideas to the quation?

1. if not already done: please use the latest Firmware

2. Please delete the domain from the Domains Field and retry

3. Please double check if the Domain needs to be FQDN

4. I know it sounds weird, but please reset the device to factory defaults and start with a small bunch aof profiles / files

5. On Certifcates: don’t forget the Certfífcates from the Netscaler to the Storefront

6. If you wnat to double check the genral functionality, please open a Browser Session on the endpoint and try to connect to NS

I believe we had the same issue and needed to import the root and intermediate certificates into UMS

@member do you have a callback configured on the NS and Storefront?

Do you have smart access enabled?

Check both and enable if it’s not already set, try again.

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