Converting IGEL ICG licenses

Are there any caveats when converting IGEL ICG licenses to EMP licenses? I’m assuming that thin clients with OS10 will continue to function with the ICG. after the conversion?

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OS10 will work with ICG licenses

OS11 will work with EMP licenses

Hope this helps

The problem is that we have lots of thin clients running firmware 10 that we need to upgrade to 11. They’re working now with the I.C.G. licenses, but won’t upgrade unless they have E.M.P. licenses. I would like to convert the I.C.G. licenses to E.M.P. ones, but want to make sure that the thin clients with firmware 10 will continue to connect after the conversion. I think that the E.M.P. licenses are backwards-compatible, but want to make sure.

Yes, the v10 ICG licenses will remain in UMS after the conversion. The legacy v10 ICG license packs do not report back with ILP. Be sure to update to latest UMS version prior to updates, as there is a bug where the v11 devices will consume both ICG and EMP in older versions.

I can confirm what @member said. We had the same concern initially and kept splitting the old packs as we moved devices. Once we confirmed we were good, we moved all licenses at once and the old stayed.

Thanks! I had wondered about this when I started testing — even after the conversion, the old I.C.G. licenses were still there. I’m glad that you confirmed that it’s normal.

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