Copy/cut + paste is not working in Citrix VDI on 11.08.290.

Copy/cut + paste is not working in Citrix VDI on 11.08.290.

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Hey Connor, do you mean the keyboard shortcut for copy and paste only? Or even select text, right-click copy, then right-click paste…all in the same VDI Desktop session?

Hi Milan, both don’t work unfortunately. I connected to the session from my Windows PC and was able to use both functions successfully. So I think there’s some problem with the IGEL.

Are you able to post a screenshot?

For instance, if you have notepad open in the VDI desktop, it’s not working?

Correct … it doesn’t work in VDI today, it did yesterday… But the day before that, I noticed the issue … very strange. Not sure how to capture the issue in a screenshot though

If it can’t be shown in a screenshot, then the problem doesn’t exist! 😁

I just meant a screenshot perhaps showing where the cut/paste isn’t working, just so we are on the same page. A picture is worth alot of words….not always a million, but more than 10?

So IGEL is copying something I copy/pasted outside VDI into the session, but it’s not taking the cut/copy from within VDI and pasting it into the session … errrr

really frustrating

ok, this is super bizarre, i have no idea what’s happening. i just did some copy pasting between the igel desktop and the vdi session, now it’s working in vdi, i guess i’ll just update to 11.08.330 lol.

It’s being secure! 😉

There are some improvements to the Citrix copy and paste feature as of cwa 2305

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