Crackling in Audio with USB Headsets using PCOIP and IGEL OS 11.03.580.1

Crackling in Audio with USB Headsets: We are having issues with audio with horizon where the audio after awhile will crackle. We are using PCOIP. We are using 11.03.580.1

Audio devices are generally not recomended to be USB redirected. They have the hardest requirements in latency/realtime requirement. It can work sometimes but as soon as you get delays it gets unpleasant. But also audio devices don’t need to be USB redirected, just leave it local.

VMware uses a protocol called RTAV. Turn off USB redirection and make sure you have it enabled on the profile for RTAV or real time audio and video

That’s right for the microphone part of your headset RTAV is needed.

Audio is off now in USB redirection, RTAV is enabled. I’m still getting the cracking noise.

I just tried headphones via the aux jack and was able to create the issue there aswell.

Does this happen with Blast? Have you tried different firmwares (11.04.130)? Does this happen from a Windows client? Which Horizon Agent are you running?

Not sure if it happens with Blast, we only use PCOIP as blast has more latency. We have some users on 11.02.125 and it happens with that too. Windows Client it doesnt happen.

So you still can see the headset in IGEL-OS audio mixer while the PCoIP session is running? Which is the source of the sound that produces the cracklings? The input from the micro or any audio like test sounds? Does it change anything to lower the input sensitivity of the the mike?

Looks like I was able to resolve the issue by messing with the PCoIP session audio bandwidth limit.

Great, never had to tinker with this agent setting myself yet.

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