CTRL Alt DEL does not react anymore after updating to IGEL OS

We have updated our UD3 to firmware

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Since then it is no longer possible to press three buttons at the same time.

CTRL Alt DEL does not react anymore.

Is there a configuration for this in the UMS?

Sounds a bit like this thread: igelcommunity.slack.com/archives/C8GP9JHQE/p1589923345097600 igelcommunity.slack.com/archives/C8GP9JHQE/p1589923345097600

Thanks for the quick answer.

Our problem seems to be somewhat different.

Since the update, all key combinations with three simultaneous keys no longer work.

Is it only happening on 179? 170 or 130 were fine?

Try to uncheck


This key has got the wrong default in 10.06.171, fix is underway in next PB

I just retested it.

Firmware downgrade to 10.06.130 three key combinations work.

Firmware upgrade to 10.6.179 tree key combinations do not work.

Yes, fix will be included in 10.06.180. In the meantime pls uncheck the toggle key. @member explains it more visually here:


Oh, okay, I get it now.

With the suggested configuration it works again now.

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