Ctrl+Alt+Del no longer works in Citrix session after updating LTSR 1912 CU 1 and IGEL OS to build 10.6

I just recently updated my Citrix environment to LTSR 1912 CU 1 and also updated my IGEL UD6 clients running IGEL OS to the latest 10.6 build. My users are not able to use Ctrl+Alt+Del anymore to lock their virtual Windows 10 desktops. Is there a new setting taking effect in this or something new to configure in settings? This has never been an issue in the past.

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Would have to try in my lab but you could check if this Registry Setting is set, if yes, disable it and retry:

WIN+L gives them more time for coffee 🙂

Hi, A lot of other customers have noticed this issue in firmware 10.06.179 – this is due to a registry option that changes the function of the ALT key. To revert the changes, please disable the following registry value: Profile/Setup > System > Registry > userinterface.keyboard.toggle_ctrl_alt

Thanks everyone! @member I have applied this fix and I will see how this impacts my users when we return to regular office hours!

Worked liked a charm! Thanks again!

@member you genius. We’ve just started pushing around and discovered that we could no longer access the setup or terminal screens. It had us stumped, figured it had to be a configuration item somewhere. So grateful for the IGEL Slack community for having a solution already!

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