Custom appliance mode profile based on a fullscreen browser session for IGEL OS11?

Someone can share the custom appliance mode profile based on a fullscreen browser session for OS11? Somehow can’t find it anymore 😬

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Here we go:

Thx @member – Do you know by any chance how to disable the Citrix Plugin check when using the Firefox session? Something to set on the Storefront side?

Do you mean this one @member ?

Yep, that’s probably the way to go. Seems on the Client side (in the Igel config) there isn’t a way to persist the detection unless we keep the browser cookies, etc.

What I‘ve done @member (because I think we got the same problem here starting with latest StoreFront Versions (oh yes I know your CTX Sites are always up to date 😜)) I switched from „classic“ appliance mode (where Firefox is used) to the „citrix selfservice“ so than Workspace App is used with the login screen „welcome to citrix Workspace“, no Firefox anymore but it’s based on the same technical stuff like good old appliance mode. Latest tests at a customer works great and no client detection problems anymore. Can send you my profile tomorrow if you like

That’s exactly what we are doing now – unfortunately there are some issues when doing this with SAML authentication. However with the latest private build, including the Workspace app 1910 I have it working with the native appliance mode based on Citrix self-service 🙂

Now @member I only need to find a way to launch a browser session when application mode is enabled because I want to give the users the possibility to use a local Firefox session for multimedia stuff since BCR still doesn’t work reliable. But with the help of @member I might have found a little hack 🙂

Sounds interesting, do you want to share your new finding?

Built a custom application, where you can allow access in appliance mode – the custom application then just launches firefox 🙂

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