Delay when playing sound on USB Bluetooth headsets running on IGEL OS?

Does anyone Else use USB Bluetooth headsets. Do you get a delay when playing sound or feels like it takes about a second to connect and play sound ?

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Yes, I use Jabra! Sounds like the Headset gets redirected through USB. Can you disable USB Redirection just for testing?

How do you disable usb redirection ? Does this affect getting delay ?

Getting delay response with XenDesktop

It might, but it‘s a supposition😀

Go to your Citrix Profile, Sessions, Citrix, Citrix Global, Native USB Redirection/Fabulatech USB Redirection (please uncheck both).

Both are unticked already

Hem… Okay, which firmware and which type of Headset are you using? And, how does the delay appear, I mean how do you reproduce it?

10.05.800 and 11.01.110 , Jabra Link 360. its like perfect on the Thin client doing test sound. when you are in Xendesktop session it takes about a second or a second and a half to make a sound if you do something like sound related. i found the setting in pulseaudio to turn off idle mode this helps but drains the headset big time. its like the delay between playing sound to kick the headset back into action then play

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