Dell Inspiron 3793 and Dell XPS 17 9700 Wifi not working on IGEL UD Pocket

Unable to flash Dell Inspiron 3793 and Dell XPS 17 9700 laptops. For the XPS, the M.2 SSD is not showing up. Used a UD Pocket running IGEL OS 10.5.800, but the wifi adapter doesn’t show up.

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Most of the time, this kind of thing is related for SSD firmware, BIOS version, or BIOS config.

Dells come in “RAID” mode by default, I forget exactly where that is in the BIOS. May want to try changing that to start and see if it works. If not, see if there is a firmware update for the SSD or a BIOS update available.

I was able to flash the XPS laptop.. Thank you!!… No WiFi Nic detected on the Laptop running iGel … I was able to plug a USB-c adapter and connect it to the LAN so I can pull it into UMS @member


Try on 11.05.100, XPS tend to use new hardware and may need later Kernel

ok will do now

If it is even supported

Trying to get it to update now… what’s odd is when I pulled it into UMS not all the Config settings show under “sessions” .. only displays Sessions Summary, Global Sessions Options and SSH @member

BIG THANKS on the XPS! I made a Creator OS11.05.100 stick and flashed the XPS and it has all drivers and is working 100%. Thank you so much!!!!!! @member

I spoke too soon.. @member Looks like the built in Mic/Speakers aren’t working on the laptop. Could we get them working?

When i go to the Audiomixer it doesn’t display anything for Output or Input Devices

Maybe, maybe not. Honestly brand new hardware is tough if there isn’t upstream support

Hi @member – do you recommend any other firmware version? Or do you have a method of finding out what driver is needed in order to install it?

11.05.100 is your best bet currently as it has the latest Linux kernel available in IGEL OS. If the kernel doesn’t support it yet, then you may have issues.

@member any shell commands that can be used to confirm that the hardware is actually working but just missing a driver?

I mean…you can see if the wireless card is recognized.

“`lshw -C network“`

But even if the hardware is recognized if it’s not showing enabled then something is up with it loading in the kernel

The wireless card is working.. its only the Microphone and Speakers


it seems the wireless card and has the Intel driver installed… is there a command for the audio? @member

I ran the lshw and see a multimedia audio controller – description: Mutlimedia audio controller / product: Comet Lake PCH cAVS / Vendor: Intel Corporation / Physical id: lf.3

@member @member

Yea, it looks like the device is not recognized. The hardware is probably to new and does not have support in the Kernel yet. Honestly most likely just have to wait for a future kernel update.

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