Dell Latitude 5400 gets stuck on IGEL Workspace logo on IGEL OS

Hello, i have try new Dell Latitude 5400 and sometimes the system IGEL don’t starts – get stuck on IGEL Workspace logo. If i restart the computer sometimes boot is ok. i have tested on three different new computers (same model) and have the same issue. Firmware 11.04.130 (the last) Maybe problem with harddrive drivers ? In this machine i have SSD M.2 PCIe NVMe 256GB

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Try Verbose boot to see where it is hanging. Does it always hang in the same place?

yes always at the same place. I did not know this option, I will try, thank you for your help

Hello Jonathan, also, please check if secure boot is enabled in the bios, if it is try disabling it and testing again

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