Dell Latitude E6430 converted to IGEL OS – after upgrade to OS 11 both cameras stop working

Hi gents, we have Dell Latitude E6430 converted to IGels and when they ware tested with Igel )S 10.x the cameras worked. we tested monitors with cameras Dell P2418HZM this includes webcam and speakers -those worked with OS 10 too (on UD3). When we upgrade the firmware to OS11 (we need it to work properly with ICG) both cameras stop working (same profiles ). Do you know what can be done in order to restore the camera functionalities ?

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Is this within a VMware/Citrix/RDP session? Or do the cameras no longer work even when using the webcam tool on the underlying OS? If its the former, I would copy and update your profiles and double check your HDX/RTAV settings

Question, Are you saying the camera worked on IGEL devices internal to the office but doesn’t work on the same IGEL devices externally (hence the need to have them be supported by ICG)? The reason I ask we had an issue with the camera (used on Citrix) not working externally and we did what Josh said by checking our HDX settings and determined that our UDP protocol was being blocked. This prevented the camera from working properly.

@member it is in the Citrix session

Did you update the profiles you used to configure the redirection?

The firmware versions may have to match

yes – profiles are updated and test directly on Igel is working – however it is not redirected on the Citrix …. very strange

I found out that v11 needs multimedia codec pack to work

not sure where I need to check if I have it

v11 licenses include the MMC

I have those

but still do not work …. on version 10 the redirection works … but there the license shows as “unlimited licenses”

In the Citrix session, how is the webcam passed through? Does it show the name of the webcam or is it showing up as “HDX Virtual Webcam”

Are you using the following IGEL OS Profile configuration, because this is working for us and we are using OS v11

What are you using the webcam for? (Skype / Zoom / other?)

Also remember in the Citrix VDI windows 10 OS – Device Manager function, the redirected camera will not appear. The redirected camera will only appear in WebEx, MS Teams or Jabber as “Citrix HDX Web Camera”.

Or other applications

Keep in mind the Webcam redirection only works with 32 bit applications

We have found that if you use the WebEx applet it works on Google Chrome x64 and Microsoft IE in 32 mode too.

We are using the Microsoft Teams Machine-Wide Installer v1.3

Microsoft teams optimization isn’t here yet for video redirection, that may be what you are running into

We are using Microsoft Teams VDI application now with IGEL OS v11 external to the company and Citrix and it is working.

We had to make sure our UDP protocol traffic was working properly too.

disabling the USB redirection did the trick

Testing also with Dell P2418HZm and dell wyse 3050/3070m (igel os Zoom in Citrix VDI (zoom plugin for vdi enabled in igel profile) gives smooth video – freeze – smooth video – freeze and so on.

fixed: session was roamed from other device. plugin was not connected. Video is smooth after creating new vdi session.

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