Dell Wyse converted device with IGEL UD Pocket does not shut down completely

Hi all, on a Dell Wyse converted ThinClient I am using last version of firmware IGEL OS 10 via UD Pocket, but since 4 days and without any changes, it get a strange behaviour: when shutting dowm the thin client, What more is required to install the PrinterLogic installer client on an Igel device beyond deploying the pre-configured profile? and the blue led of power remains active. This goes to an issue because the next time the user power on the device, does not succed and need to cut off power and then restart the device.

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In the apst I have the same situation and need to completely reset the device and reinstall OS. But this delete also my license key present on UDPocket. Any other solutions? Thank you. Regards

Hi Giacomo, which kind of Dell product is concerned? By any chance a D10?

Oh, from what I recall, there is a checkbox when UDC is started, before conversion, to preserve the settings (and lic) after a reinstall.


Yes already try that settings in the apst but the license goes away anytime

What version is the firmware?

@member can you shadow the device? When opening a terminal, login as root, does

shutdown -h now


Is it just one device? Or are all Dell-Wyse Dx0Ds affected?

Now it is one device affected, but the issue come up in the past on other D90 devices as well in a random manner. I am suspecting that something gets corrupted or similar in te bios or in the IGEL OS to shutdown well.

Every time the solution is to reflash the device. This time I am searching for a different solution …

I can shadow the device; I can shutdown the device in that way via terminal.

Ok! So a shutdown from terminal works incl. the poweroff, right? Does


works either?

Both the commands works correctly, the IGEL OS closes and screen goes black, but the device remain in this state and also the monitor as you can see “hear” that something is active.

Ok, so both commands start a shutdown, but don’t fullfill it, right? Device stays on?!

Can you reset the bios to factory defaults and retry a shutdown?

Yes, device closes everything, screen goes black but something remains active (but I don’t know what).

Afternoon I try to reset bios and let you know.

I can test on Wednesday …

The problem is a known one if the Wyse was booted with EFI (Boot Mode EFI as shown in the screenshot) the BIOS of the device prefers EFI if the boot files are present. But the EFI mode does not provide a working power-off command. The only solution here is to force legacy, which could be done in the UDC installer (I think it is not possible for the UD Pocket case). But for the UD Pocket case you can open a local terminal as root and execute following commands:

bootreg set /dev/igfdisk force_legacy 1

/etc/igel/update_bootcode –force

After this and a reboot it should boot in legacy mode and the shutdown should work again.

For the UDC loosing license and settings this is easy to explain as the UD Pocket needs to be connected after the bootmenu of the UDC is shown and before you start booting the UDC. Otherwise the old settings could not be get. This will change in 11.04.100 (in development) and newer.

Thank you Stefan! This has solved the issue! Thank you very much!

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