Device with 2 x LAN and 1 x WLAN, how can I ensure, that only one license is required?

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A customer has bought notebooks with 2 x LAN and 1 x WLAN, which will be converted to (mobile) UDCs. How can the customer ensure, that only one license is required / used for this device, regardless of which LAN interface is used?

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Hi Torsten, usually (and I must admit, I will have to double check again), copper is always on top, then comes Wifi.


ok thanks, but what happens if the employee connect today to LAN Port 1 and tomorrow to LAN Port 2 and another day he is using WLAN of his UDC converted notebook? Because of MAC-based UMS registration, are therefore 3 licenses required or how will this be handled with 1 OS 11 license?

The license is bounded to an MAC not especially to the active one. So, if the device has a LAN connector which stays there (not a USB one), you should be good!

I have had the same situation and it works like @member says. My customer had converted laptops and the got their settings and license through LAN and after that they went home with the users for using through WIfi without trouble (until the license is expired o fcourse 😉 )

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